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Notes 0.8.2 released

Posted by admin June 22, 2008

What’s new:

  • Added the option to send reminders by Twitter (this can be used – as described below – to receive updates by SMS)

More info about Notes here.

You must run the sql file in the database (it can be found in the root of the application) schema_0.8.1_to_0.8.2.sql if you’re upgrading from the previous version. (I know, I will have to use migrations in a future version)

To receive reminders by sms you should do the following:

* Create 2 Twitter accounts (one will be your normal account and the other will be the Bot)
* Add the details for the Twitter Bot account to the ‘Twitter options’ (Account) in Notes
* Enter and validate your mobile phone in the normal Twitter account
* You should make the updates of the Bot private
* Subscribe with your normal Twitter account to the Twitter Bot account’s updates

Feeds and Notes now include a frozen compatible version of Rails

Download it from the “Downloads” Section

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