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Notes version 0.1 was released

Posted by admin July 08, 2006

Visit the download page to get this initial release.

For more details about this Ruby on Rails notes & to-do app visit the details page.

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4 Responses to “Notes version 0.1 was released”


  1. BK Jul 10 2006 / 5am

    In the set up you mention
    I dont see an ” account” directory FYI


  2. admin Jul 10 2006 / 6am

    Well, the .htaccess file (in the “public” directory) has rules that (if you install under Apache) check if a path exists; if it doesn’t exist, then it forwards the request to the application logic that handles the request (this is how Rails works).

    If you can’t install it on your own server for now, you can just test it locally by running:

    ruby script/server

    in the root of the application. (Of course, after you install ruby and rails).
    You will then be able to access the app at http://localhost:3000/

  3. Chris Jul 11 2006 / 2am

    Do you have any MySQL specific SQL in your app? Im using oracle and wondering if it would be worth my time converting the schema.SQL to oracle compatible sql.

  4. admin Jul 11 2006 / 2am

    The only MySQL specific code is in app/controllers/tab_controller.rb; instead of a paginator I used raw sql code because of MySQL’s poor performance when searching thousands of items. (I had to use FORCE INDEX(created_at) when searching items using “ORDER BY created_at DESC”). Also, you will probably have to use an oracle specific way of full-text searching (also in the tab_controller.rb file).

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