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Posted by admin November 25, 2006

Installation Instructions

Feeds is an open source (Reciprocal Public License) Ruby on Rails feed reader application.


  • No full page reloads are required when reading/searching feeds
  • Has 2 different view types for reading feeds (2 column and 3 column layouts)
  • You have the option to publish a RSS feed of your starred items
  • Different views are available for each feed/folder (Unread/Starred/All/Recent)
  • Search function for each folder/feed/view
  • Import OPML function
  • Sortable tree of your feeds/folders
  • Complete unread counts are displayed for each folder/feed

Compatibility: The application was tested on the current versions (at the moment of release) of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera

Ajax is used in many places to improve the speed of the application.

Stay tuned for more cool features to come in future versions.

Feeds Screenshot

Feeds Screenshot


Keyboard shortcuts:

  • R – Reload
  • S – Stars an item
  • P – Stars an item
  • A – Archives (marks as read) an item
  • V – open selected item in new window
  • X – star selected item if unstarred, mark selected item as read if unread
  • Z – star selected item if unstarred, mark selected item as read if unread, open selected item in new window
  • , (comma) – Move up
  • . (point) – Move down

Visit the download page to get the latest version.

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