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Posted by admin July 06, 2006

Installation Instructions

Notes is an open source (Reciprocal Public License) Ruby on Rails application designed to be a simple and fast to-do and notes manager.

Compatibility: The application was tested on the current versions (at the moment of release) of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera

Ajax is used in many places to improve the speed of the application.

Textile is used for text formatting.

Stay tuned for more cool features to come in future versions.

A Jabber listener bot is included; you can control Notes by chatting with it – use it to control Notes through Google Talk for example.

To receive reminders by sms you should do the following:

* Create 2 Twitter accounts (one will be your normal account and the other will be the Bot)
* Add the details for the Twitter Bot account to the ‘Twitter options’ (Account) in Notes
* Enter and validate your mobile phone in the normal Twitter account
* You should make the updates of the Bot private
* Subscribe with your normal Twitter account to the Twitter Bot account’s updates

The “Pages” section allows the creation of Notes and To-do lists (items in to-do lists are sortable); you can also add images and files to a “Page”. A “Page” can be made public so that anyone can view it.

Notes Screenshot
The “Tabs” section is a list of notes; while “Pages” are designed for temporary storage of information, the “Tabs” section is designed as a permanent archive of notes – also has search functionality.

The “Notepad” section is a simple text area where you can save temporary information.

The “Chat” section allows the creation of chat rooms; you can add users to each chat room. Chatting does not require refreshing the page in the browser.

The “Reminders” section is where you’ll set reminders: short notices delivered by e-mail at specified times.

The reminders can be sent by mail or by Jabber (Goolge Talk for example).

Visit the download page to get the latest version.

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